Important Notice: We are currently in development of the next release of TTOS Linux! Please check on our Sourceforge page for nightly image downloads!

Give your desktop a stunning face lift!

Choose from thousands of free software titles from productivity, games, media, and internet categories directly from the software center with just the click of a button.

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Applications Available

Thousands of applications are available for download at the click of a button in the software center

Ultra Fast

Modern design

Powered by KDE Plasma 5 Desktop, this distribution is full of bling right from the start. But if you prefer, you can install alternative desktops such as WindowMaker or IceWM to have an ultrafast lightweight experience. UPDATE: Alternative ISO's with WindowMaker and IceWM preinstalled are now available under pre-release section!


Open Source Community

TTOS Linux will forever remain free. Our in house repositories is our contribution for the software either free to use, or open source.




Perfect for the office space.

$ 9 /month

  • 5GB Storage Capacity
  • Automated Backup Solution
  • PerformaSync Client
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Out of space? Here is the answer!

$ 49 /month

  • 100GB Storage Capacity
  • Automated Backup Solution
  • PerformaSync Client
  • Priority Support
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$ 99 /month

  • 250GB Storage Capacity
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Perfect for Desktop, Excellent for Server. TTOS Linux delivers the custom software from TTPC Systems, with the security inherited from Debian, and the performance of Linux on your hardware. And best of all, it's free as in free beer!

TTOS Linux is a desktop OS designed as an intuitive and easy to use alternative to Windows. The current TTOS is based on Debian Stable. The pre-release is based on Debian Testing. The idea behind this is to give years of support while developing the next generation of TTOS Linux.

TTOS Linux also inherits all of the security, security updates, patches, and bug fixes from Debian stable making it suitable and ideal for production server use. A line of distribution respins geared for servers are planned and in the works.